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"The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity."
~Douglas Horton ~

Guilt + Regret = Crises of the conscience

A friend forwarded the email below to me and I figured someone could use this.

This is a personal message… from me to you. Please take time to hear my heart. 
A POVERTY MINDSET holds so many people in prison! It makes me so sad!
The cycle of poverty starts when we’re very young & we’re programmed to say, “I can’t afford that, it’s too hard, that isn’t something we can do, there’s no way, we’re not able to do that, we shouldn’t do that or be like that” and more. It can come with things such as improving our life, losing weight, breaking an addiction, making more money, breaking out of gender stereotypes like we see with women, going beyond what our family has always done, being different than our neighbors or friends and more! 

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For everything you have shown me about me, about you…about what it should be, thank you.

overconfidence?. #StraightLikeThat

If no one thinks you can… Then you have to!”

#LivingLegend: Sr. Alex

"Welcome to the soceity of uncompromising men.."

Had goosebumps watching this. Love that girl Nneka.